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Opening game ,is the beginning and the basic of a game .It gives a direct effect to middle game .Choosing an opening depending on an opponent is one of the strategies .Also ,it reflects the style of a player .Nowadays ,opening game is one of the categories which draws the attentions of the public .
There are many types of openings .From the " shapes " of the openings ,they can be divided into normal openings ,strange openings .Normal openings refers to the openings which are frequently used by the players .The extensions of these openings are focusing on middle games and end games .Strange openings are the openings which are seldom used .These openings are use to confuse the opponents with psychological warfare .

If we divide the openings according to the first moved pieces ,they can be divided into " cannon " ," horse " ," pawn " and " elephant " .Among them ," cannon " openings are most frequently used .

Openings are included " red player "( the player who makes the first move ) and " black player " .Red always chooses to play steady or attack opening .For black ,he always chooses to play defensive or counter attack opening .

Central cannon .Red player moves C2.5 or C8.5 in his first move .The cannon is placed on the central file .That is why it is called so .This opening has a long history .It is the most popular opening for red player until today .

Three hundred years ago ,central cannon is already divided into two systems - cannon vs cannon and cannon vs horse .

Listing 5.1.1 : same direction cannon filed chariot vs ranked chariot
The positions of two sides' cannons are same .That is why it is called so .The characteristics of this opening are : both sides are having a sharp counter attack ,complex variations .


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