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Listing 5.4.1 : central cannon vs sandwich horse
Central cannon vs sandwich horse ,one of the ancient openings .In the beginning of this century ,most of the black player suffers loses .This make the sandwich horse opening does not draw the attention of the players .In 1970s ,the world greatest Xiang Qi player ,International Grand Master Hu Rong Hua had made several changes on the variations of sandwich horse .GM Hu Rong Hua used sandwich horse opening in most of his games and gained a good result .Once again ,this opening drawn the attention of the public and had extended to a complete opening system .Now ,sandwich horse has became the popular opening besides same direction cannon and screen horse .
The difference among sandwich horse and screen horse is the position of cannon .Sandwich opening places the cannon at the palcorner .The characteristics of this opening are : complete variations ,has a strong fight back against the attack from central cannon .

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