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Listing 5.13.0 : Palcorner Cannon vs Central Cannon
Red takes C2.4 or C8.6 as his first move. This opening is named so because the cannon is located at the corner of the palace. In ancient time, this type of opening is not recommenced since it cannot eliminate the attack from central cannon. In 80s, it begun to occur in some major tournaments. After some improvement by International Grand Master Lee Lai Qun, it begun to draw the attention from the public.

The idea of palcorner cannon is, "defending first before attacking". In tactic, it can turn to sandwich horse, single horse or 5th & 6th cannons.

The area for opening is so wide and it is very difficult to discuss one by one. The above openings that I introduce is just some of the major openings. There are still many minor opening like edge pawn opening, edge horse opening and so on. Each opening has their own formation and for each formation, they have their own variation system.

I hope that from my tutorial, it can give you some brief ideas on the opening game. After all, mastering the opening game is a must for every beginner who wish to advance their skills.

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