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Listing 4.2 : The Basic Theory of Opening Games
In listing 4.1 ,I have mentioned about the main jobs of the opening games are involving each pieces into the battle ,making co-operation among the pieces ,putting the pieces into good positions ,organizing a strong armed force and gaining the initiative .To achieve this goal ,both player should obey the basic theory of opening games .The theory of opening can be divided into five categories

1 . involving the pieces into the battle as fast as possible
Playing Xiang Qi is somewhat similar to fighting in the war .A player should move most of his pieces into the battle so that it will maximize the powers of the the pieces .A player must avoid from moving a same piece upward and backward repeatedly .This will somehow slow down the speed of your army .
2 . gain strategic positions ,keep the passageways smooth
In the beginning of opening ,both players take turn to move their pieces .Both have equally chances .However ,due to the different of the pieces' positions ,the player who gains a better position of his pieces will control the game .So ,in the process of the opening ,a player should try his best to gain most of the strategic positions .he should also keep the passageways of pieces smooth so that most of the pieces can be activated .

For example  ,filed chariot can gain the opponent's pawn rank ,or river bank .For ranked chariot ,it can gain both armpit files and control the "king door " .If there is a need ,the ranked chariot can block the opponent's elephant-eye .

For the horses ,the pawns which are in front of the horses should be pushed up to keep the passageways of the knights smooth .

3 . co-operation among the pieces
 While involving the pieces into the battle ,a player should make sure that the pieces are giving support to each others .The pieces should work co-operative ,organize an army force that can attack and defense .Also ,don't ever let the pieces work individually .On the other hand ,the power pieces on left hand side and the pieces on right hand must be balanced .Never let the pieces on one side out of attack and leave the pieces on the other side do nothing .
4 . the safety of king
No matter how may pieces that are controlled by a player .Once his king has been captured ,he loses his game .The safety of the king is the main point of whole game .Besides pushing the pieces into good positions and gaining the initiative ,a player should realize the attack target of his opponent .The safety of the king must always be considered .
5 . flexible and creative
An excellent player can always act according to the situation of the board .He will not follow exactly what is said by the theory .Also ,he is also creative enough to make new changes on his openings .Only by making changes on the style of playing ,a player can give a shock to his opponent and gains a victory .

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