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Under a fixed plan ,an excellent player uses various type of tactics and strategies flexibly to defend and attack .This is an important skill in Xiang Qi game to gain a victory or to draw .For a newcomer or a beginner ,this section is the part which he must handle .

The basic tactics in Xiang Qi can be divided into almost 22 types .Each of them has its unique style and concept .

In Xiang Qi game ,combinations for various types of tactics are common seen .They are the spirits of Xiang Qi .

Listing 3.1.1 : double attack
Double attack is the tactic which is commonly seen in every Xiang Qi game .Its idea is same as the idea in " one stone two birds " .Most of the time ,the results of double attack are " one side gains the piece and another side loses the pieces ."

In the opening state , " double attack " tactic is seldom found .However ,due to the combination with other tactics ,this can create chances for using " double attack".
Sometimes ,this situation happens in the high level compotitions too .

Chariot is the long ranged weapon .In executing " double attack " tactic ,it is the most flexible .

Horse can control eight different positions at the same time .The below is the basic example for using " double attack " with horse .

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