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Xiang Qi Notation
There are several Chinese Chess(Xiang Qi) notation which is widely used through the internet (The notation that I mentions is different from the notation that mentioned in Xiang Qi books. To find out the notation on Xiang Qi book, you may refer to the books availabled in current market). The two most common notations are WXF notation and ICCS notation.
WXF notation
WXF stands for World Xiang Qi Federation. This notation is introduced by that organization to popularize Xiang Qi over the internet. The notation consists of 4 parts.

This is the example of WXF notation. The first part is describing the types of pieces .
K stands for king
A stands for assistance
E stands for elephant
H stands for knight/ horse
R stands for rook/ chariot
C stands for cannon
P stands for pawn

For the second part, it describes the vertical position of that piece. The number is the number of the vertical line counting from your right to left (Numbers begin from 1 to 8). If there are more than 1 pieces (same type) in a same vertical line, then the second part will be replace with + or - sign .
+ means "the front piece"
- means "the behind piece"

For the third part, it describes the movement of that piece.
+ means "moves forward vertically"
- means "moves backward vertically"
. means "moves horizontally"

For the last part, it describes the number of movement or the vertical position to drop the piece. If the third part is + or - sign ,then the last part gives the meaning of number of movement. If the third part is . sign, then the last part gives the meaning of vertical position to drop the piece.

ICCS notation

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