On Line
The Way of Moving Pieces
There are 32 pieces in Xiang Qi game .They are divided into red and black color .Both sides had 16 pieces each and 7 types .
p/s note that is the pronunciation of the piece in chinese .

Red King Black King
King < Jiang >
move inside the nine points of the palace .It moves one point vertically or horizontally only each time .It can move forward ,backward ,right ,left .

Red Assistance Black Assistance
move inside the five points of the palace .It moves one point diagonally only each time .
It can move forward ,backward ,right ,left .

Red Elephant Black Elephant
move seven points before the river .It moves two points diagonally only each time .forward ,backward ,right ,left .If there is a piece (no matter own piece or the opponent piece) in the middle of the two points ,it is prohibited to jump over the piece .This is called "block elephant eye".

Red Chariot Black Chariot
moves unlimited points vertically or horizontally each time (maximum 9 points) if there isn't blocked by other piece .

Red Horse Black Horse
moves one point vertically or horizontally continues by one point diagonally each time .It has maximum eight different directions .If its first point (the point that it moves vertically or horizontally) is blocked by other piece ,it cannot move toward that direction .This situation is called 'block horse leg' .

Red Cannon Black Cannon
The way of moving this piece is same as the chariot's except in capturing piece .When capturing a piece ,there must be another piece between cannon and captured target .

Red Pawn Black Pawn
Can only move one point vertically before crossing the river .After crossing the river ,it can move one point horizontally or vertically .It can never move backward .

The piece pictures provided by http://www.itsyourturn.com

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