J!ChessViewer. For you, it's free.
J!Chess Viewer version 1.00 is written with pure Java language and compiled under JDK1.1.2. The target user of this software is the web master of the chess web site. The function of J!Chess Viewer is to turn the text base chess notation to a graphical chess board. User can demonstrate the entire game record through web.

The version of this program is 1.00. It currently support

  • Algebraic notation and Coordinate notation
  • Fixed the bug on En Passant (change from exp to ep).
  • Visitors can click on the logo to access my web site.
To run J!Chess Viewer, usermust must Netscape4.5++ or Internet Explorer4.++ or any web browser which support JDK1.1.2

Algebraic Notation
Coordinate Notation
Zlotnikov, M vs Waitzkin, J
Waitzkin, J vs Lunna, T
Waitzkin, J vs Lunna, T
Khatena, M vs Waitzkin, J
Khatena, M vs Waitzkin, J
Waitzkin,J vs Friedman, A
Waitzkin,J vs Friedman, A
End Game Example
End Game Example
Before download J!ChessViewer version 1.00, please read readme.html before using this software.
read this first before downloading
Download J!Chess Viewer version 1.00 from local site
Download J!Chess Viewer version 1.00 from winsite
(Unzip the chessviewer.zip after downloading)
Many users e-mail to to ask for the availability of the source code of J!Chess Viewer. User may purchase the source code by only US50.00. For those interested in purchase, please e-mail to yccheok@yahoo.com

For those who purchase the source code, they will receive source code, technical support and the source code future release version.

This is the fun and effective way to learn Java programming!

Bugs Report and Suggestion
Any bugs report and suggestion please e-mail to yccheok@yahoo.com The updated information of J!Chess Viewer can be found here :
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